Friday, 15 May 2009


Hi all,

Now I am sure life is crazy for all of you, but sometimes don't you just wish things would slow down!!

We had a bit of a scare earlier this week with a trip to the hospital for Georgia on Sunday. This trip turned into a 3 day stay at Hervey Bay hospital with a pretty severe virus. She had high temps that we couldn't control with panadol and nurofen, so she was best to stay in hospital so that the doctors could monitor her. They put her on an IV so that they could keep up the fluids as she wasn't eating or drinking and I have to say this was the most traumatic thing I have ever been through (and I am sure Georgia would say the same if she could tell you a story)!! The staff and doctors at the hospital were wonderful but I am so happy to be home in my own bed and finally getting some sleep!! What a happy mothers day I had!!!

Now before all of this happened I was actually able to get some cards made for my challenge and for mothers day.

Here is the very late attempt at my challenge for you -

And here are a couple of other cards I was able to make, this is the mother's day card that we gave to Peter's mum -

I forgot to take a photo of the card I gave to my mum, so I will have to take a photo and put it on here later.. I got on a bit of a roll, so I made this one as well.

Now here is an update on our house, the external brick work is mostly finished and the internal walls are up.

Here is what the kitchen looked like before we went to hospital -

And after we got home!!

Amazing isn't it, I can't believe how fast it is coming together!!! I am getting more and more excited every week, I can't wait!!!

Now finally, just to show you that Georgia is doing fine, here she is talking on the phone yesterday -

And of course, throwing a tantrum this morning, so she is obviously feeling much better!!!

We think she is still gorgeous even when throwing tantrums though!!!

Don't forget to get your entries in for my sketch challenge!!

And lastly just to let you know I am having a stamp-a-stack on Monday, 1st June at the RSL from 7-9pm so contact me ASAP to book your seat or to ask for more information.

Wow! I can take a breath now, that was a long update....

Take care, see you all soon!!

Gina x


Robyn said...

Glad to hear that your little girl is well enough to be throwing tantrums! What a scare that must have been for you! Your house is looking great-love that kitchen!

KathyJ (Wattle) said...

Oh Gina - I've just read this....I am so sorry about what happened with Georgia! I know how terrifying it can be when your kids are that sick!!! {HUGS} Glad she is OK again now! The cards are lovely and your house is looking amazing!!!

Chook said...

Hey Gina and Georgia. Can't wait to see that new home. I have played this month, YEAH!!! Here is the link. Chook xx